unconscious man on the floor

Heights and the Fear of Falling

ByElza MillsNov 12, 2019

Some people find it nearly impossible to calm down when exposed to heights. While it’s natural to feel uneasy in…


home appliances on top of a wooden table

Household Care: Most Overlooked but Useful Household Items

ByElza MillsSep 23, 2021

We have all sorts of household items we always need. Detergents, soap, kitchen utensils, all of these are essentials, and…


home and nature

Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

ByElza MillsNov 4, 2022

An environment-friendly home offers numerous benefits for the homeowner and the environment. It allows homeowners to save on energy costs…


love for dog

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Pet Crematoriums

ByElza MillsMay 5, 2020

Pets are family, and they’ve been with us through good and bad times. Losing them leaves a huge impact on…

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